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A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid

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 A Life Debt Repaid by Cheng Xiaocheng novel full chapter at Genre: Marriage

Cordy Sachs is getting married to Kyle Wickham, despite her tarnished reputation due to allegations of debauchery. On the day of the wedding, a fire breaks out in the banquet hall. Cordy tries to escape but sees Kyle run past her to save her stepsister, Noel. Cordy survives the fire but is injured and unconscious. When she wakes up, her father, stepmother, and stepsister are in her hospital room, and they tell her that Kyle loves Noel and that she should annul her engagement with him. Cordy is angry but accepts the annulment.

Cordy is in a hospital ward feeling frustrated and sorry for herself. Suddenly, a little boy comes into the ward and climbs into her bed, saying that she is his mommy. The man who accompanies the boy introduces himself as Richard Levine but tells her to call him Dicky. The man takes the boy away and comes back to introduce himself as John Levine. He is the owner of the venue where Cordy had her wedding, and as such, he is responsible for the fire in which she was injured. John offers to pay all Cordy's medical expenses and damages for the injury and the cancellation of the wedding, but Cordy only wants her medical bills to be paid. John looks at her strangely but agrees to her request.

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