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Hey everyone,

This is my new novel called Overgeared. The name is basically a Korean gaming slang term used to put down users who rely on items for strength instead of skill. It’s hard to find an English equivalent to this term, especially when used in many different situations and contexts throughout the novel. I have decided to go with Overgeared for the title and for when it is used as a noun, etc. a guild name. However, I will go with ‘item effect’, the most accurate meaning, for when it is used in a sentence.

This is a vrmmorpg novel and while it has some of the obvious stereotypes and unrealistic parts, it also does some things differently. People might get annoyed with the mc’s character at first, but he does get a lot of character development. In fact, some of the fun of reading the novel is seeing the MC’s character grow. I think that people who are fans of VR novels like Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Rebirth of the Thief will enjoy this novel....

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