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Beyond the Divorce

Beyond the Divorce

Beyond the Divorce

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Artist: Matthew and Ava Novel Story

The narrator, after putting her daughter to bed, comes across a TikTok live broadcast showing her husband, Matthew, supposedly on a business trip in Canta. Matthew appears to be with another woman, raising suspicions. When she confronts him via video call, Matthew insists he's in Canta, having dinner with a client. The narrator, feeling guilty for doubting him, dismisses her suspicions but is troubled by the windbreaker worn by the man in the live stream, identical to the one she had ironed for Matthew. Matthew returns the next day, seemingly unaware of any suspicions. During dinner, he comments on the smell of oil, prompting the narrator to take a shower. After an intimate moment, the narrator notices a message on Matthew's phone, leading to a suspenseful cliffhanger.

Matthew hastily takes the phone, revealing a message from his sister, Mel, asking if the narrator found out about something. Matthew dismisses it, claiming Mel is using him as a cover to scam their mother. The narrator expresses concern about Mel's actions, and Matthew playfully attributes their financial success to the narrator's understanding and generosity. The couple's doubts are washed away during an intimate moment.

The narrator brings up the idea of buying a house for their daughter's education, and Matthew agrees to find a suitable place. The narrator dreams of a beautiful big house and falls asleep content. The next day, the narrator meets with her best friend, Ivanna, who warns her not to get too comfortable, implying something more to her words. Ivanna cryptically mentions seeing Matthew the day before, leaving the narrator curious and concerned...

Read Beyond the Divorce by Third Blossom novel.